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Coachella Valley Cat Club is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) composed of a small team of volunteers who are dedicated to helping cats in need including abandoned, stray, semi-feral and feral cats, and kittens. We socialize rescued kittens and re-socialize the abandoned and others as they have often been left with no human contact for many months. We spay and neuter, vaccinate, provide medical care for sick and injured cats, and give quality care until loving homes are found. In addition, we provide food daily to feral cats in the surrounding community.

We do not receive any funding and are only able to continue our rescue work due to the generosity of donors. We are in need of assistance for covering the costs of food, vaccinations, spay/neuter, veterinary care for injured and sick, catios/outdoor areas, and of course toys and cat towers! If you are able to donate monetarily or with food and supplies we are forever grateful. We are also in search of foster homes and volunteers -- if you are interested, please contact us at chris@cvcatclub.org.

Board of Directors

Chris Martello, President
Seth Eisman, Vice President
Suzi Weaver, Treasurer
Pam Price, Secretary
Kris Wilson, Committee Chair

Cat Rescue & Adoption

We rescue feral kittens and stray adult cats, socialize or re-socialize them and re-home them.


Donation Amount

Tax exempt EIN 85-37655488